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About H2-Academy

H2-Academy founder Frank Henderson is our business manager bringing a vast variety of skills from business, project management, technology, hunting, shooting, training, and personal preparedness.

Raised in a hunting and outdoors family in Colorado.  At the age of 13 went on his first Mule Deer Hunt and bagged a 4 point (8 point if counted in Texas) Buck.  The next year began hunting pheasant and water fowl.  Also went on his first elk hunt and bagged a very nice 3 point bull.  At age 16 he worked with a guide service from August through the end of December each year running hunt camps in the back country.  At the same time he began competitive shooting trap and reloading both center fire ammo and shot shells.  Was able to attain enough proficiency and earn enough from shooting to pay for ammo, and travel.  Moved to Montana in 1979 at age 20 and continued to hunt and fish mostly in the Beartooth Mountains.  Really didn’t have much use or need for a hand gun for anything other than snakes.  However, in 1981 & 1982 he used his brothers .357 Mag to take Mule Deer each year.  Joined the Army in 1983 where he qualified expert with a M16, .45 (1911 Colt), M203, and M60.  Frank successfully attended a number of advanced combat training courses while serving for 7 years.

Frank’s technology managemet experience ranges more than 25 years and has been primarily supporting heavy engineering and construction.  He has successfully held positions and led efforts in application development and systems support around the world.  Along with his technical skills he brings more than 30 years of experience and knowledge managing business organizations and initiatives.  He has been repairing and customizing firearms since he bought his first gun and has completed the Penn Forester Gunsmith school.  Frank holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information and an Associates of Science in Accounting.

His passion shooting sports, personal protection, along with sharing his knowledge and skill to help others safely chose, customize, and handle firearms to attain their individual goals is evident as soon as you meet him.  Frank is a member of the NRA.  He is a long time member/leader of a local BSA Scouting Organization and works to educate and train in outdoor skills.
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Hours of Operation

  • Monday - 8am to 7pm
  • Tuesday - 8am to 7pm
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