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Basic Handgun

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The Basic Handgun/Pistol Class
The Basic Pistol course is designed to give you a broad introduction to handguns.  This is the perfect course for those that are thinking of, or have recently purchase their first handgun.  The intent of this course is to acquaint the student with the basic type of handguns and provide the knowledge to select, purchase, safely handle, store and begin use a firearm with confidence.

This course provides instruction in:
  • Basic components
  • Safety rules for handling and storing
  • Handgun types and how they work
  • Ammunition
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • What Handgun is right for you
  • Maintenance & Care

The Basic Pistol class has a length of 8 hours, based on the estimated length of each lesson in the lesson plans.  The actual course length may vary depending on student experience, weather, and unforeseen circumstances.  Historically this class has taken 4-6 hours of class room time and 1-3 hours of range time.

The course is taught using the NRA developed content and lesson plans.  The class provides an introduction to the NRA/Winchester Marksman program.  Upon completion you will receive the basic pistol rocker and NRA Certificate of completion.  You will have the foundation knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely uses a handgun to advance in many areas of shooting sports or self-defense.

Personal safety equipment you will need for the range portion of the class:
  • Eye protection
  • Over the ear protection (Electronic ear protection is preferred)
  • Ball cap
  • Close toed shoes
  • Colored Shirt (Optional but highly recommended)

Additional Information for the range:
  • There are Handguns (Revolver and Semi-Autos) available for use.
  • For the Range each student will need 50-100 rounds ammo.

During the shooting activity you will fire from both a supported sitting position and a standing position.  You will fire at a 9 inch target from 15 feet.  You will be given the opportunity to shoot at least 5 shots, 5 times from a sitting supported position and 10 shots, 5 times standing unsupported.

Price for the The Basic Handgun/Pistol Class:
  • Price for early registration is $100. Late registration or at the door is $125
  • Early registration is done through our Training Schedule or calling Frank @ 512-590-0754
  • Pricing for Private and Group training is available upon request.
We take cash, or check.
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