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NRA Basic Rifle

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Basic Rifle Shooting
Rifle marksmanship is both fun and rewarding if you learn the basics. Some chose to learn to shoot rifles for sport and completion, to hunt both small and large game, and some for just the fun of shooting.

The basic rifle course teaches the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe use of a rifle for target shooting.  This is a perfect class for those that are thinking of, or have purchased their first rifle.  The intent of the course is to introduce and give practical hands on experience with all the components of a modern rifle.

The course provides instruction in:
  • Rifle knowledge and safe gun handling.
  • Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of rifle shooting.
  • Firing the first shot (Shooting from a supported position, zero the sites of a rifle, and cleaning and storage.)
  • Shooting from a standing position.
  • Shots from a prone and kneeling position.
  • Shooting from a sitting position
  • Rifle sports and activities

The rifle course is an estimated 14 hours in length based on the NRA provided lesson plans. However, based on student participation and previous experience of students the time may vary.

Personal safety equipment you will need for the range portion of the class:
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (Electronic over the ear protection is preferred)
  • Ball cap
  • Close toed shoes
  • Collared Shirt (Optional but highly recommended)

Equipment and supplies needed for range exercises:
  • A 22 caliber rifle.  We have some available, or you may bring your own. Note -- Instructor will inspect student rifles and reserve the right to request that the rifle be checked by a gunsmith before use.
  • You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition.  As an alternative contact us regarding availability and if available can be provided with an additional cost.

All students will receive a NRA student packet which includes the course book, Winchester/NRA Marksman qualification program book, and handouts.

Students will receive feedback on the shooting exercises and receive a certificate upon successful completion of all lessons.  There is a short written test at the end of the course to complete the lessons.

Price for the Basic Rifle Shooting Class:
  • Price for early registration is $100. Late registration or at the door is $125
  • Early registration is done through our Training Schedule or calling Frank @ 512-590-0754
  • Pricing for Private and Group training is available upon request.
We take cash, or check.
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