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Texas License to Carry (LTC)

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 Texas License to Carry:

The Texas LTC class is perfect for those who want to know the legal liabilities of owning and or using a handgun. Whether you intend to obtain a license and conceal carry or not this class will provide you with valuable information and firearms training in the use, maintenance and storage of your firearm.

The course includes instruction in:
·         Gun Safety, Handling, and Storage
·         Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry
·         Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
·         Basic Handgun Marksmanship
·         Use of Force and Deadly Force

The State of Texas requires four (4) to six (6) hours of class room instruction plus range time. This class is designed to provide all the necessary instruction to qualify an individual for a license to carry a handgun.  To meet these qualification it is required to pass the written exam as well as the proficiency demonstration.

The writen test is 25 questions and participants must score 70% or greater.  For the proficiency segment candidates fire 50 rounds and must also score a minimum 70% (175 points out of a possible 250).
We are conveniently located between Round Rock TX and Cedar Park TX in north west Austin.

It is not required that you complete the Texas CHL Application prior to attending.  However, if you do, please bring with you the Bar-coded Checklist.  This will state all required documents and steps to be completed and sent with your class certificate.

Price for the Texas LTC Class:
  • Price for early registration is $60. Late registration or at the door is $65
  • Early registration is done through our Training Schedule or calling Frank @ 512-590-0754
  • Pricing for Private and Group training is available upon request.
We take cash, or check.

Check our schedule for up coming classes
Perfect Score
CHL Proficiency Qualification Course of Fire

To successfully qualify, shooters must complete this course with a minimum score of 70% (175 out of possible 250).

Stage 1:    Twenty Rounds (20) will be fired from three (3) yards.
       A.     Five (5) Rounds fired in a "One (1) Shot Exercise" with 2 Seconds allowed for each shot.
       B.     Ten (10) Rounds fired two (2) at a time with 3 Seconds allowed for each shot.
        C.     Five (5) Rounds fired in 10 Seconds.

Stage 2:    Twenty Rounds (20) will be fired from seven (7) yards.
        A.     Five (5) Rounds will be fired in 10 seconds.
        B.     Five (5) Rounds will be fired in a 2 stage exercise.
                1.     Two (2) Rounds will be fired in 4 seconds.
                2      Three (3) Rounds will be fired in 6 seconds.
        C.     Five (5) Rounds fired with 3 seconds (rapid fire) allowed.       
       D.     Five (5) Rounds fired in 15 seconds.

Stage 3:    Ten Rounds (10) fired from 15 yards.
        A.     Five (5) Rounds fired in two (2) exercises.
                1.     Two (2) Rounds fired in 6 seconds.
                2.     Three (3) Rounds fired in 9 seconds.
        B.     Five (5) Rounds fired in 15 seconds.


Training Schedule
Qualification Scoring

The target used must be a B-27 in one of the following colors; black, blue, green, or red.
The target to the right depicts the scoring areas.
Any hit in the 8 ring to the center X is 5 points.
Any hit between the 7 ring and outside the 8 ring is 4 points.
Any hit outside the 7 ring but within the silhouette is 3 points.
All others are zero (0) points.
If a hit breaks the line between two rings the higher score is given.
Scoring for the B-27 Target
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